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Meadows in the Mountains

Event date: June 6–9, 2019

Location: Rhodopes Mountains, Country: Bulgaria

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Photos by Meadows In The Mountains

Meadows in the Mountains

For the festival-goer who is tired of cramped urban dance parties and wishes to frolick, groove and get down somewhere remote, Meadows in the Mountains is a fine alternative. It ticks boxes for location isolation, set in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria, close to the Greek border. It also wins points for set up. The grounds commandeer a mountain range for the weekend, with views out to surrounding peaks.

Anyone who is intent on partying till dawn is rewarded with a misty sunrise, the sound of distant monastery bells and plenty of inviting green pastures to lie down in and unwind.

For accommodation, revellers have the usual camping set up included in the festival ticket, alongside the option to rent typical Bulgarian mountain houses in the village of Polkovnik Serafimovo. Entire homes are available to groups through the Meadows of the Mountains website, while some allow a room rental if arriving in a smaller group.

The rich cultural heritage of the surrounding region makes this event so much more than a quick festival weekender. Spend time exploring other parts of Bulgaria and leave with a true sense of escapism.


  • Stay for the pool party. The day after, nearby Orpheus Hotel hosts an overnight pool party. Tickets are available for purchase via the festival website and include one night’s stay at the hotel, unlimited access to spa facilities, along with transport to and from Polkovnik Serafimovo village. This is 50s-style luxury in a grand Bulgarian hotel, not to be missed.
  • Note the arrival options. Sofia Airport in Bulgaria’s capital is a 4.5 hour drive from the festival village, threading through many scenic areas on windy mountain roads. Plovdiv is the second airport option, and takes 2.5 hours of drive time.
  • Pack Meadow-friendly attire. The mood here is one part bohemian petal head, one part blissed out yoga lover and one part glitter-heavy space cadet. Get amongst it and pack accordingly.

Meadows in the Mountains 2015 from Gallivant Film on Vimeo.

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