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Destination: Argentina

  • Travelling there: Most international flights to Argentina from North America and Europe are overnighters, leaving from the USA, Canada or Europe in the late evening and arriving Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini more commonly known as Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) in the early morning.
  • Capital city: Buenos Aires.
  • Population: 43.8 million.
  • Religion: Roman Catholic.
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Currency: Argentine Peso (ARS).
  • Climate: Argentina's climate is generally temperate with huge variations regionally due to its longitudinal length — from the extremely hot northern regions, through to the temperate central Pampas, down to the sub-Antarctic cold of Patagonia's southernmost glacial regions.
  • Transport: Distances are immense in Argentina — time and cost will have to be budgeted accordingly. The inter-city bus network is extensive and the most popular means of getting around but for more remote areas, consider car rental. Domestic flights are a bit more pricey but will save a lot of time. Train services are generally sparse with limited destinations. Within cities, taxis are ubiquitous with Buenos Aires’ subte (subway or metro) the best way to get around by day.
  • Best time to travel: The Argentinian spring suits most people, falling roughly from September to November. Climbing the Andean peaks is best in summer, December to February. Winter, from June to August, is optimal time for the ski resorts.
  • What to wear: This is highly dependant on where and when: from ski gear on the slopes to swimwear on the beaches, without forgetting the chic cosmopolitan areas where people tend to dress more elegantly.
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