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‘Kiwi’ South Island Explorer

Explore the South Island at a relaxed pace. A multi-activity adventure showcasing the diversity of New Zealand. This trip is perfect for anyone looking for shorter hikes.

Exclusive Multiday Tour (self catering) in Abel Tasman National Park

Enjoy a most memorable holiday on your own private sailing yacht where you determine your length of stay onboard. The skipper takes care of the sailing but you are welcome to participate.…

Full Day Sailing Tour in Abel Tasman National Park

A scenic day of sailing in the Abel Tasman National Park with its golden beaches and bays, lagoons, islands and bird song. Stop at Anchorage Beach to explore, swim and relax. Enjoy the…

Exclusive Three Day Sailing Tour in Abel Tasman National Park

A real experience of the Abel Tasman National Park, enjoying full days in a relaxing way. An exclusive tour customized to you with your skipper as guide to the Park’s delights and marine…

‘Rimu’ Ultimate South Island Adventure

Experience this award-winning, signature trip from Active Adventures. On this 14-day itinerary there are options to hike, bike and sea kayak. It explores the most beautiful, famous and…

Golden Plains

A magic setup and a refreshing lack of commercial branding defines the Golden Plains experience. The small music festival takes place in March each year, at the Meredith Supernatural…

Riding the Slots: Canyoning in Abel Tasman National Park

An apprehensive chuckle escapes my lips as I look down into the swirl of white water. The sound of my heartbeat drowns out the final instructions from our guide as I prep for the six-metre…

Bluff Oyster and Food Festival

The Bluff Oyster and Food Festival is indisputably the highlight of the South Island’s culinary calendar. For one day, this tiny New Zealand town with the impressive global reputation…

Setting Sail in Abel Tasman National Park

This January, whilst New Zealand was being attacked by unseasonable wild storms, four intrepid travellers decided to take to the sea. Fortunately, the voyage was along the north coast of the…

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New Zealand’s Greatest Day Hike: The Tongariro Alpine Crossing

A scarred and violent landscape — torn apart by an ancient love triangle, according to Māori legend — is the setting for the iconic Tongariro Alpine Crossing. The legend adds a deep…

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