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A Digital Detox Trip to the Kingdom of Bhutan

Ditch the smartphone, take out the earplugs and tune into the magnificence of nature as you explore the idyllic Himalayan landscapes of Bhutan. As friendly as it is environmentally…

Nepalese Nature at its Best

Witness the world’s most awe-inspiring landscapes as you travel by road and air from the Kathmandu valley up to the sacred temple of Muktinath at 3800 metres via the dreamy lake town of…

Bruny Island Cruises

Join Rob Pennicott and his team on an unforgettable three-hour wilderness cruise exploring Bruny Island’s rugged coastline. Cruise beneath high sea cliffs, towering crags and drift up…

Full Day of Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Surrounded by mountains and glaciers, there’s no better place to fly fish than in the middle of the Eighth Wonder of the World. An expert of the region, Ben, will teach you all about the…

Singapore: The City in a Garden

For such a bite-sized country, Singapore does some pretty big things. Occupying a tiny part of the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula, it is home to some of the most awe-inspiring…

Wide Wild World

From deserts and tundra to cliffs and glaciers, rainforest and woodlands, we visit the wildest landscapes around the globe.

Stay Strong and Live With Passion

The world is at the feet of those who dare – Iceland, Faroe Islands, Canada, Hawaii and beyond…

Fjord of Norway

Imagine a world before humans: this is how it feels to journey back in time…

Landscapes of the Carpathians — Ukraine

From leafy woodlands to starry nights, revel in the landscapes of Ukraine’s Carpathian mountains...


A tour through the beach-rimmed island country of Grenada...

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