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Destination: Tajikistan

  • Travelling there: Fly into Dushanbe international Airport (DYU) and Khudjand International Airport (LBD) from Russia, Central Asia, China, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Germany and Iran. Travel in from neighbouring countries by road in cars or marshrutkas (minibuses). Take the rail route in from Russia.
  • Capital city: Dushanbe.
  • Population: 8.774 million.
  • Religion: Islam.
  • Language: Tajiki and Russian.
  • Currency: Tajikistini somoni (TJS).
  • Climate: A continental climate with hot summers and mild winters; sub-tropical in the valleys but polar on the mountains. The mountainous terrain contributes to the climate varying hugely. In general, spring and autumn have moderate temperatures but summer can be scorchingly hot. Up in the mountains winter is more severe than in the lowlands but the occasional dust storms in the lower reaches can make life unpleasant.
  • Transport: Marshrutkas run fixed routes between cities; otherwise opt for shared taxis. There are no local train services but domestic airline flights are available which in winter may be the only option to travel to remote locations when the mountain passes shut down. Rent a car or motorbike to ride the Pamir Highway.
  • Best time to travel: June to September with September being the most salubrious.
  • What to wear: Dress modestly and for the weather.

Popular Destinations: Dushanbe, Hisor, Khujand, Murghab, Sarez Lake


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