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St. Barthélemy

Travelling thereThe most convenient way to get to Saint Barthélemy is by airplane. International flights arrive at Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) on the neighbouring island of Saint Martin regularly and local airline companies provide connecting flights to St. Barts’ Gustaf III Airport (SBH) . Alternatively, arrive by boat, whether it be charter speedboat, private sailboat or the daily ferry service.
Capital cityGustavia.
ReligionRoman Catholic. Anglican and Evangelical churches also have a strong following.
CurrencyEuro (EUR).
ClimateSt. Barthélemy is sun-drenched most of the year, with temperatures warm and stable year-round. There are bouts of rain, with considerably more rain in September, October and November.
TransportSt Barts is relatively small, but it is best to hire a car in order to experience the all the beaches and restaurants.
Best time to travelMay or June. These months are cheaper, following the peak season of winter and preceding the storms of autumn.
What to wearPack smart casual outfits in cotton or lightweight fabrics. Saint Barthélemy is very chic, so do not worry about being over-dressed.
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