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Destination: Slovakia

  • Travelling there: Fly into Bratislava‚Äôs Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport (BTS) from western and eastern Europe as well as the Middle East. Take the train from most major European capitals. Drive in through Austria or take the 1-hour shuttle bus trip to Bratislava that operates regularly through the day from Vienna Airport.
  • Capital city: Bratislava.
  • Population: 5.430 million.
  • Religion: The majority are Roman Catholic.
  • Language: Slovak.
  • Currency: Euro (EUR).
  • Climate: A moderate, wet continental climate with each of the four seasons lasting 3 months. Spring and autumn have variable weather with rain showers. Autumn is the warmer season. Summers are hot, almost tropical. Winter is a mixture of rain and snow.
  • Transport: Slovakia has a dense rail network and a good highway system. Buses are the cheapest and sometimes the only way to connect to smaller towns. The larger cities have trams and trolley buses.
  • Best time to travel: Weatherwise the months of May, June and September are best. July and August gets too hot and with the locals taking their annual break at this time, accommodation and transport can be hard to come by. The rest of the year is too chilly.
  • What to wear: Rain is likely all year round, so carry raingear. There is no dress code as such but make sure to dress for the weather and always have something warm to wear in the evenings even during summer.
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