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Destination: Oman

  • Travelling there: Oman is well connected with international air networks. It is now possible to reach Muscat International Airport (MCT) from most major air-hubs in Europe, North America and Australasia with only a single change of plane.
  • Capital city: Muscat.
  • Population: 4.838 million.
  • Religion: Islam.
  • Language: Arabic.
  • Currency: Omani rial (OMR).
  • Climate: Oman has a subtropical dry and hot desert climate. Summer has minimal rainfall and temperatures in the 40s Celsius. Winter has the highest precipitation through short, heavy showers. Spring and autumn are dry and pleasant.
  • Transport: Oman lacks reliable public transport and to see the country either hire a car, get a guide-driver, or go on a tour. Public transport within Muscat is limited to mini-buses (baisa) and taxis. Between a few towns there are some relatively slow but comfortable inter-city buses.
  • Best time to travel: The most popular time to visit is from October to April when the weather is warm and sunny and temperatures range from a pleasant 25° Celsius to 35° Celsius during the day.
  • What to wear: Both sexes tend to dress conservatively here, with men generally wearing an ankle length collarless gown called a dishdasha and women, a long black dress called an abaya. For tourists, this translates to long-sleeved tops and trousers. Avoid shorts, unless at the beach.

Popular Destinations: Bahla, Khasab, Muscat, Nizwa, Sohar


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