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Destination: Norway

  • Travelling there: There is a good range of flights from London, and are almost invariably cheaper than the long and arduous journey by train or car. Most flights arrive at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen (OSL).
  • Capital city: Oslo.
  • Population: 5.265 million.
  • Religion: The majority belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
  • Language: The official language is Norwegian. The vast majority can also speak English.
  • Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK).
  • Climate: Norway covers many latitudes and encompasses a diverse terrain — so climate can vary dramatically. Most of the country in the south is temperate, so the inland climate is dry and frigid in the winter, but quite hot in the summer. The northern regions tend to be cold and wet except for the summer months. The coastline is more mild and wet in all seasons.
  • Transport: As a long and rugged country, one might expect it to be a challenge to explore Norway. But with an extensive infrastructure of trains, boats, roads, ferries and a network of more than 50 small airports, it is quite practical to see any part of the country.
  • Best time to travel: The most suitable time to visit for most travellers is early summer — June and July. The days are (very) long and warm.
  • What to wear: Norway’s weather varies considerably over the country because of its geographic variety. As a broad rule of thumb, layer.
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