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Destination: Macedonia

  • Travelling there: Fly into either Skopje’s Alexander The Great Airport (SKP)or Ohrid’s St. Paul The Apostle Airport (OHD). The arrival of budget airlines has greatly increased connectivity to major European cities. There are numerous bus services to Sofia, Belgrade, Budapest, Pristina, Tirana, İstanbul, Thessaloniki and more. Trains connect to Greece, Kosovo and Serbia.
  • Capital city: Skopje.
  • Population: 2.081 million.
  • Religion: Predominantly Orthodox Christianity, followed by Islam.
  • Language: Macedonian.
  • Currency: Macedonian denar (MKD).
  • Climate: A mildly continental climate, characterised by relatively cold, wet and humid winters and warm, drier summers. Rain falls throughout the year with even the driest month having a lot of rain.
  • Transport: Taxis are plentiful as are buses within cities as well as regionally. The train service has a limited network and is slow and antiquated. Hire cars are available too.
  • Best time to travel: Maximum visitors arrive in summer — for the lakes, hiking and mountain biking — and winter for the skiing. The shoulder seasons of spring and autumn still have pleasant enough weather to visit.
  • What to wear: Summer is hot and dry so wear light clothes, and remember to pack a swimsuit for the pools and lakes. If visiting during spring or autumn, be prepared for all situations, with the weather being quite unpredictable. Winters can be quite severe so pack enough thick and woollen clothes.
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