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Destination: Haiti

  • Travelling there: Fly into Toussaint Louverture international Airport (PAP) in Port-au-Prince or Hugo Chávez International Airport (CAP) in the north; or travel in overland from the Dominican Republic which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.
  • Capital city: Port-au-Prince.
  • Population: 10.938 million.
  • Religion: The majority is Roman Catholic.
  • Language: French and Haitian Creole.
  • Currency: Haitian gourde (HTG).
  • Climate: Tropical and humid but leaning towards the semi-arid on the mountains to the east as they block off the cooling trade winds. Being in the middle of the hurricane belt, June to November sees severe storms in Haiti with the occasional flood, earthquake or drought.
  • Transport: The local buses which are mostly extravagantly decorated, modified trucks and vans known as ‘tap taps’ are the ubiquitous form of transport but tend to get extremely crowded. Hiring a driver and car or renting a car to self-drive will be the more comfortable option.
  • Best time to travel: November to March when the temperatures are cooler and there is less rain and humidity.
  • What to wear: Loose fitting clothes in natural fabrics work well in the heat. A good pair of closed walking shoes, some rain gear and mosquito repellent are recommended.
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