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Destination: Georgia

  • Travelling there: Fly into one of three international airports: Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli International Airport (TBS) is located in the country’s capital and can be accessed directly from many European cities, the Middle East, Kazakhstan and China; Alexander Kartveli Batumi International Airport (BUS) located 2 kilometres south of Batumi, can be accessed direct from Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Moscow and a number of Ukrainian cities; David the Builder Kutaisi International Airport (KUT), located in the country’s second largest city can be accessed direct from Warsaw, Katowice, Kiev, Budapest and Vilnius. Overland travel is possible by bus from Turkey, by minibus from Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, and Iraq and by train from Azerbaijan.
  • Capital city: Tbilisi.
  • Population: 3.950 million.
  • Religion: Orthodox Christianity.
  • Language: Georgian.
  • Currency: Georgian lari (GEL).
  • Climate: Western Georgia’s Black Sea coast and inland areas have a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot summers. Eastern Georgia’s plains shielded from The Black Sea by the mountains, have a more continental climate. The highlands have an alpine climate.
  • Transport: Georgia is served by taxis, buses and trolleybuses. Tbilisi also boasts cable cars and a small underground system.
  • Best time to travel: Late summer from mid-May to early July, and early autumn from September to mid-October is when it’s generally warm and sunny. For the mountains, July to August is warmest and has the best chance of good weather.
  • What to wear: The towns are fairly liberal but few women wear shorts. If visiting churches, definitely wear a skirt and cover up shoulders. Dress for the weather and bring rain gear if visiting in late spring or autumn.
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