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Czech Republic

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Destination: Czech Republic

  • Travelling there: Fly into Vaclav Havel Airport (PRG), located about 10 kilometres west of the centre of Prague direct from the United Kingdom. International bus and train services run from many cities in Europe with direct connections from Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland and Austria.
  • Capital city: Prague.
  • Population: 10.553 million.
  • Religion: The largest religion is Roman Catholicism but the majority of the population is non-religious.
  • Language: Czech.
  • Currency: Czech koruna (CZK).
  • Climate: A temperate continental climate,having mild, humid summers with occasional hot spells, and cold, cloudy and humid winters.
  • Transport: Travel between cities by plane, the very dense rail network or by road using a hire car or buses that connect almost every town. Prague has a metro, trams and buses for public transport.
  • Best time to travel: For pleasant daytime temperatures and mild evenings, visit in late spring or early autumn — late May to June, and September. July and August when it can get swelteringly hot, are the busiest tourist months.
  • What to wear: With no restrictions on clothing it is very much a case of dressing for the weather. Layering, and good walking shoes for the cobbled streets are essential.
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