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Destination: Curaçao

  • Travelling there: Fly into Hato International (CUR), located in Plaza Margareth Abraham, on the North side of the island. There are direct flights from Germany, The Netherlands, Colombia, US, Canada and Ecuador. Cruise ships arrive at Curaçao Mega Pier or the Curaçao Cruise Terminal.
  • Capital city: Willemstad.
  • Population: 155,909.
  • Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic.
  • Language: Dutch, Papiamento, English.
  • Currency: Netherlands Antillean guilder (ANG).
  • Climate: Curaçao has a warm, sunny climate with constant temperatures all year round. Trade winds blow constantly from the east, picking up in the spring months. The rainy season, from October to February, is marked by short, occasional showers.
  • Transport: Curaçao has two bus systems available for use, both considered safe, efficient and inexpensive. The first is a van or shuttle bus system, the second is traditional buses.
  • Best time to travel: The best time to visit is from May to November, during the off-peak season. The weather here tends to be sunny even when most of the Caribbean is experiencing torrential rain, and hurricanes seem to bypass the island.
  • What to wear: Smart casual will suffice. Consider taking light-coloured, lightweight clothing of natural fabrics to prevent being overheated and uncomfortable.
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