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Destination: Armenia

  • Travelling there: Fly into Zvartnots International Airport (EVN) 10 kilometres from Yeravan or travel in by bus from Georgia and Iran. There is a train service from Georgia as well.
  • Capital city: Yerevan.
  • Population: 3.030 million.
  • Religion: Almost all the population follow Christianity.
  • Language: Armenian.
  • Currency: Armenian dram (AMD).
  • Climate: A continental climate with long sunny summers and short cold winters with frosts in spring and autumn. Being a mountainous country with 90 per cent of it above 1000 metres, altitude influences the temperatures markedly. The country receives lots of sunshine throughout the year.
  • Transport: Public transport, in the form of mini-buses and buses, is cheap and extensive between cities. Travel to the more remote tourist sites will have to be done by booking with day tours or renting a car to drive out to them. The train system is antiquated and slow as only about half the original Soviet era railway system is functional. There are no domestic flights.
  • Best time to travel: For those unwilling to cope with the high temperatures of summer, late spring (mid-April to May) — when the rainfall is less — and early to mid-autumn (October and November) are the best times to visit. The foliage is especially beautiful in autumn.
  • What to wear: The dress code is quite European but do cover up when visiting churches and religious sites. Remember that even when it is sweltering in the lowlands, the mountains can be freezing cold so do pack for location and huge variations in temperatures.

Popular Destinations: Dilijan, Garni, Geghard, Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Yerevan


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