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Boryeong Mud Festival


Location: Boryeoung, Country: South Korea


Boryeong Mud Festival
Photo by Shawn Perez

“Just add mud” seems to be the overarching idea for the organisers who plan Boryeong Mud Festival. Held each summer in the sleepy beach town of Boryeong (population 100,000), the mineral-rich mud found on nearby Daecheon Beach is given celebrity status for a weekend. Once here, visitors are invited to lather up and get messy. Normal activities or sports become infinitely more hilarious when mud is added, which it is to almost everything. Mud skiing and slides, a 44 metre wide mud pool for wrestling, mud coated raves on the beach, muddy amusement parks, bouncy castles and even a mud-ridden 10 kilometre running race are all on offer.

It’s liberating to not care about dirt, especially when said dirt could help maintain a glowing complexion. The Korean Institute of Standards and Science continually tests the quality, finding high levels of germanium and bentonite.

Most importantly however, it’s the muddy memories of releasing the inner wild one that one clings to post festival.


  • Take a waterproof, dust-proof camera. Smartphones will not survive this ordeal.
  • Rinsing off won’t be a problem. The sea is right there to dip into, and there are a multitude of shower stations on offer.
  • Departing from Seoul? Pre-purchase rail tickets from Yongsan Railway Station. Once off the train take a bus from Daecheon Station into Boryeong town. Alternative is hiring a car in Seoul and driving up independently.
  • The population surges into the millions over festival week. Look at accommodation outside of town if this is a last minute adventure or consider a day trip instead.
  • Take mud home. Mud cosmetics are widely available, perfect for reliving the glory days at home or on the road post festival.

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A couple smearing mud on each others' faces at Boryeoung Mud Festival
Girl shielding her face from mud splatter
Crowd in a pool of mud at Boryeoung Mud Festival, Korea
man playing on a yellow drumset to the crowd sitting on the steps in front of him
Looking down on a girl walking up a multicoloured slide
Two girls laughing away lying in the mud pool at Boryeoung
Man with his face and body painted in many colours at the mud festival
A couple playing gongs under multicoloured flag streamers
Trio performing on stage at Boryeoung Mud Festival
Girl in tarditional clothes and an excited man playing gongs
Two girls laughing away lying in the mud pool at Boryeoung
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