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Village Experience in the Himalayan Spiti Valley

This great, cold, Himalayan desert was once a thriving trading route between India and Tibet. Stay with local communities who are primarily rural and practice Buddhism. It is said that…

Heritage of the Classic Golden Triangle

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are well known for their heritage, but how about experiencing it in a different way by immersing in local culture rather than just sightseeing? Experience the culture,…

Village Experience in the Himalayan Kumaon Valley

Kumaon Valley in the Himalayan foothills is known as the fruit belt of India. Its vast farms and mountain slopes are filled with apple, plum, peach and apricot trees. The valley is also home…

Village experience in the Sikkim Himalayas and Assam

Experience the tribal and village life of the Himalayan kingdom of Sikkim followed by the fertile plains of Assam. Live with the Mishing tribe of Assam and experience their bamboo and…

Tribal and Village Experience in the Sikkim Himalayas

Sikkim in Eastern Himalayas is one of the greenest and culturally rich states of India having one hundred per cent organic farming. Live with and experience the life of the Limbu, Lepcha,…

Village Experience and Sikh Heritage of Punjab

Life in rural Punjab revolves around farming, food and merry making. People are known for their valour and passion for life. Live with Sikh families and experience their lifestyle through…

Village Experience with the Khasi Tribe in Meghalaya

The rich culture of Meghalaya’s Khasi tribe is evident in its villages. Stay with local Khasi families as you experience the village life hands on through the crafts, farming and…

Village and Crafts Experience in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is best experienced in its villages with the locals. Experience the crafts and village life around Jaipur, followed by the rustic town of Bundi. Travel to the blue city of Jodhpur…

The Rickshaw Run

Those wishing to immerse themselves in Indian culture should look no further than off-beat travel company The Adventurists’ Rickshaw Run. The race, completed in small teams of 2-3 people,…

Eating Locally: A Culinary Adventure with Christine Manfield

Known as Australia’s ‘Spice Queen’, Christine Manfield is not one to pass up an opportunity, especially when it can be…

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