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Diving Vicariously: Following A Budding Diver in Vanuatu

An aspiring diver’s biggest question is often ‘Where can I get my PADI?’ Once that’s taken care of, the next question is ‘Where’s the best place to test my new-found skills?’ I…

The Four Kings of the East: Diving Raja Ampat

I first heard of Raja Ampat from a diving buddy of mine. It was one of those destinations whispered about by avid scuba divers over a few cold beers, its mention so often followed by a…

Red Bull Cliff Diving Grand Final

Take a high cliff, deep water and full body mastery. Then add an excess of courage, along with meditative levels of concentration. This is what it takes to compete in cliff diving. No…

Aerial Love — Bali, Indonesia

We take an aerial look at the beauty of Bali.

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