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Made in Morocco

Sugar and spice are not what little girls are made of, but they do make Morocco tick. Mint tea, poured from great heights, is laden with sugar, and all manner of spices abound in the local…

Extreme Adaptations

Blistering hot, freezing cold, bone dry, or simply poisonous – the world’s most adaptable animals inhabit a range of unexpected locales. While humans are relatively adept at changing the…

The Humpback of the Sahara: Merzouga Camel Trekking

My clothes and I had a shower at midnight in the Sahara. Conscious of conserving precious water at our camp in the desert, I decided to combine my laundry and personal ablutions. I watched…

Raw Vegan Inspiration

Aleksandra Winters shares healthy, balanced recipes inspired by her travels.

Survival in the Serengeti

It gets dark quickly in eastern Africa, as if a great vacuum cleaner is draining the sky of light. The acacia trees of the southern Serengeti become gently swaying silhouettes against an…

Cruise Family Robinson

Bodies glistening with motor oil, dark skin setting off huge, dazzling white grins in a joyous festival of whining and grinding, as the locals call the sexually charged rhythmic dancing: for…

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

As wide as all the world, great, high, and unbelievably white in the sun…” ERNEST HEMINGWAY, ‘THE SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO’ Just below Stella Point, the first of Mount…

Unexpected Adventures

If the key to adventure is exposing ourselves to the unknown, then it stands to reason that what we seek could be hiding in the most unexpected places. We've searched far and wide across the…

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