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Going on Safari in East Africa

It’s been over a century since the first Europeans flocked to Africa to undertake the trip of a lifetime. Safari, a Swahili word meaning ‘long journey’, is now part of everyday Western…

Alive in the Amazon

Boy Scouts didn’t prepare me for this: reef knots and immolating sausages are not adequate preparation for the depths of the Amazon rainforest. The world's largest jungle has survived for…

Travel Guides
Hiking the GR20 Trail in Corsica

Located 11 kilometres north of Sardinia and 80 kilometres from the Italian mainland, the French territory of Corsica offers adventurous hikers an irresistible combination of scenery and…

The Four Kings of the East: Diving Raja Ampat

I first heard of Raja Ampat from a diving buddy of mine. It was one of those destinations whispered about by avid scuba divers over a few cold beers, its mention so often followed by a…

The Cross Egypt Challenge: A Biker’s Desert Dream

Riding along roads that wind their way around some of the most dramatic backdrops in the world, shadows of wavering wisps of hair on caramel-toned sand, a forgiving camel as we whizz past…

The Vikings’ Secret Paradise: Coastal Iceland

When I was about nine years old, my teacher informed the class that Greenland is actually icy, and Iceland is actually green. My fledgling brain couldn’t compute this fact, and I decided…

Australia by Train: The Ghan and Indian Pacific

Australia is big. On this majestic continent, travelling by train turns those long journeying hours into a pleasant rhythm of scenery, dining and socialising. Hypnotising horizons,…

The Adventure Kit

Some might say an adventurer is only as good as their gear. Here’s what is on our wish list…

Motorbiking High: The Bolaven Plateau

For most travellers, their motorcycle journey around the Bolaven Plateau will begin and end at the provincial capital of Pakse. This small and quiet city houses an enormous central market,…

Pedal Power: Adventurer Jason Lewis

We speak with famed explorer, author and sustainability campaigner Jason Lewis about travel, adventure, and the meaning of life.…

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