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Destination: Venezuela

  • Travelling there: Nearly all international visitors arrive at Aeropuerto Internacional Simón Bolívar (CCS) in Maiquetía, 21 kilometres from Caracas.
  • Capital city: Caracas.
  • Population: 31.489 million.
  • Religion: Roman Catholic.
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Currency: Venezuelan bolívar (VEF).
  • Climate: Although Venezuela lies within the tropics, its local climates do vary with altitude from hot and humid lowlands to cool highlands with just wet and dry seasons. November through to February is cool especially in the high Andes. July and August are the hottest months with temperatures going up to 40 degrees Celsius or more.
  • Transport: Almost all significant towns are connected with scheduled services operated by domestic airlines. Taxis are plentiful and cheap. There is an abundance of buses covering the whole country, making it the best way to get around. Caracas also has a metro.
  • Best time to travel: Venezuela experiences a pleasant climate year round, although the best period is the dry season, running December to April. Furthermore, in February to March the country vacations for Carnaval, with special festivals in some cities.
  • What to wear: Venezuelans love to dress up stylishly. Take into consideration the heat (natural fibres work best), but feel free to incorporate some flair. Temperatures can drop significantly at night so have a light jacket on hand.
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