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Destination: Faroe Islands

  • Travelling there: Fly into Vagar Airport (FAE), the only airport that services the Faroe Islands with direct flights from Denmark, England, Iceland and Norway, year round. Vagar island is connected via a subsea tunnel to Streymoy, the largest island where the capital Tórshavn is situated. There are ferry services from Denmark and Iceland.
  • Capital city: Tórshavn.
  • Population: 48,491.
  • Religion: Lutheran Church.
  • Language: Faroese and Danish.
  • Currency: Faroese krona (DKK).
  • Climate: The climate is maritime subarctic with cool summers and mild winters. Daily weather can be capricious and unpredictable; travellers can experience up to four seasons in one day.
  • Transport: Buses link up all the town and villages, and the ferry terminals. The local bus service in Tórshavn is free. Helicopter service is available to the more remote islands. Bring in one’s own vehicle on the ferry or hire a car for the self-drive option.
  • Best time to travel: Summer (May to July) offers warm temperatures and long days but is also peak season and crowded.
  • What to wear: There are no restrictions on what to wear but do pack wet weather clothing for to the unpredictable climatic conditions, and warm clothes and waterproof hiking boots if mountain walking. Dress in layers.
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