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The Rickshaw Run

India: January 2-15, 2018 | April 1-14, 2018 | August 13-26, 2018 | January 2-15, 2019 Sri Lanka: May 5-12, 2018 | August 18-25, 2018 | October 13-20, 2018
Photos by The Adventurists
The Rickshaw Run

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Those wishing to immerse themselves in Indian culture should look no further than off-beat travel company The Adventurists’ Rickshaw Run. The race, completed in small teams of 2-3 people, is a 3500 kilometre pan-Indian adventure on none other than a flimsy, tri-wheel Rickshaw. It’s not fast, will flip if a corner is taken too quickly, breaks down a lot and doesn’t make for a comfortable ride. But this it seems, is half the fun. The race spans 16 days and entrants are almost certain to get lost, stuck and break down. There are downpours, mud ruts and cows to contest with, but there’s also the heartwarming generosity of the people, new friendships and if one’s team wins, glory.

On the tail of India’s success, The Adventurists have decided to go global starting with the launch of an eight-day Sri Lankan edition.


  • Attend the days of training. It’s a chance to get familiar with a junk trunk of a vehicle. This is the time to get familiar with stalling, failing to find neutral, toppling over and colliding with stationary objects.
  • Pimp Thy Ride. A few months prior, The Adventurists send out a template for teams to decorate their Rickshaw with. The ground team will do their best to make those artistic aspirations a reality. Everyone goes to great lengths to colour their Rick so don’t be the ones who neglected this task.

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Published on December 27, 2016
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